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Using state-of-the-art installation methods and products, Academy Sports Turf provides the safest playing surface available. In fact, the BrockTM high performance drainage and impact layer under the artificial turf is engineered just for playgrounds. The BrockTM layer reduces the cost and improves the safety and performance of synthetic turf by providing a supportive base which creates a softer, more natural surface to cushion falls and prevent injuries.

Academy Sports Turf’s high-quality products and expertise in turf utilization has made us one of the leading providers in the industry. And no matter what your needs, we can customize a product that works for you. Academy Sports Turf will begin by talking with you in-depth to learn the exact use and application of your turf. Using state-of-the-art turf technologies, we will craft custom-made sub-surface and surface materials to meet your requirements. Even after your turf is in place, we go the extra mile and continue to provide ongoing maintenance and customer support. To learn more about the advantages of using our synthetic turf, call Academy Sports Turf at 303.789.3172.

Academy Sports Turfs’ team of experts educates the decision maker’s staff on the best synthetic turf technologies, then determines the best possible surface for their sports facility. Academy Sports Turf then crafts custom-made sub-surface and surface materials for the prospective field; state of the art products matched with the athletic departments needs and applications.

Project Types

From changing the landscape of a common roadway to residential property. Artificial turf will save you money and enhance any area. It is economical and there is virtually no maintenance. Benefits include fewer man-hours of maintenance, lower fuel costs and reduced pollution, as well as the creation of a year-round, aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Serious athletic programs need serious athletic turf. Today, new inventions in synthetic grass surfaces make artificial turf the choice of the nation's most demanding sports programs. Academy Sports Turf designs and installs the nations best synthetic grass surfaces; turfs that look, feel and play like the real thing.
Many college and professional football programs are already playing on new synthetic playing surfaces. As high school sports programs progress into the new millennium, why play on outdated artificial surfaces and risk injury to your players. Academy Sports Turfs' synthetic grass plays like natural grass, without the maintenance costs, bare spots, and the normal wear and tear.
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